Planter and Farmer Application

A comprehensive farming solution

Developed by: Dr. Suresh Belliraj, Kotagiri, Tamilnadu, India

In many multicrop agricultural farming activities, currently there's no easy way to aggregate and then analyze data to plan for optimum planting solutions.

Many large corporate agricultural entities pay a significant amount for these solutions, which is not feasible for small and medium-sized farming and planting operations.

The Planter and Farmer Application aims to fill in this significant gap, with all the facilities currently only available to large entities at a minimal cost.

The Planter and Farmer App (PFA) is designed to manage all day-to-day activities at farms and estates. This includes taking attendance, noting details of work activities and the timings involved, noting contract details and payments, recording all other expenses and payments involved in the field, and even managing sales data.

Once some simple data points are filled in, reports for daily, weekly, or monthly wage payments can be automatically generated. All other expenses and income over time periods can also be generated. Cost by crop, or even by type of work or expense for each crop over a period, can be diagnosed. Bonuses for the year can also be easily calculated in a variety of schemes.

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    Published date Aug 20, 2021
    Latest Released date Nov 24, 2021
    Category Business
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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